TSC Announces Promotion Of Over 36,000 Teachers

TSC Announces Promotion Of Over 36,000 Teachers

TSC Announces Promotion Of Over 36,000 Teachers

The Commission said the promotions will be done across nine grades. The announcement comes barely a week after some 14,000 teachers were promoted.  “Promotions will be spread across primary, secondary schools and Teacher training colleges,” TSC said.

TSC has set aside 12, 716 promotions for senior masters under grade C4, while senior teachers under C2 have up to 10,819 to be elevated.

“For headteachers, the commission has set aside 1,049 promotions under grade C5.”

700 promotion positions have been set aside for senior teachers in special needs schools in grade C2 while 200 more positions for senior lecturers in  Teachers’ training colleges.

In a circular by TSC, the teachers will be promoted across nine grades, as the government seeks to quell the disquiet over the stagnation of teachers.

The move, coming a day after teachers’ salary review talks hit a snag, has been viewed as a ploy by the commission to partly silence the disquiet within the teaching fraternity.

The promotions will be spread across primary and secondary schools as well as teachers’ training colleges.

The senior master position will have 12,716 positions for promotions, while some 10,819 teachers will be elevated to the position of senior teachers in regular primary schools.

Another 700 slots have been left for the position of senior teacher in special needs schools, and 216 openings for Grade C4 position of senior lecturer in teachers’ training colleges.

The commission also advertised 108 positions for senior principal and 34 positions of chief principal.

Those interested are expected to apply for the positions by the 8th of September through the TSC portal.

The call comes one week after the TSC effected the promotion of 14,000 teachers which had been pending from the last financial year.

The commission has been allocated Ksh.1 billion by the National Treasury to effect the 36,275 promotions.

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