TSC P1 deployment opportunities(2024). The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has offered 6,000 deployment spots for serving primary school teachers with a secondary degree. Applications are due by March 18, 2024.

TSC intends to elevate PTE teachers by moving them to the junior secondary school department early next term.

TSC P1 deployment opportunities(2024)

The commission has requested qualified instructors to apply for deployment by March 18th.

Primary school teachers who want to be assigned to JSS must be qualified to teach in secondary schools.

The teacher MUST meet the following requirements:
i) Have an active registration as a teacher with the Teachers Service Commission.

ii) Is employed as a primary school teacher with the Teachers Service Commission.

iii) Should not be currently serving an interdiction or undergoing a disciplinary process.

iv) Have a minimum of a Diploma in Education with a minimum of C+ at KCSE (or it’s equivalent) with C+ in two teaching subjects currently being offered in the school curriculum (either under 8-4-4 or CBC) or two (2) principles and one (1) subsidiary pass at “A” Level.

At least 8 units in each of the two teaching subjects.

Those with a minimum of C (plain) at KCSE (or its equivalent) and have undertaken a Diploma in Education together with a Bachelor Degree in Education qualify.

v) The degree certificate must be Bachelor of Education. Bachelor of Education (Primary Option) holders are not eligible.

Candidates are expected to present the following documents during verification exercise:
i) Original and copy of the degree/diploma certificate;

TSC P1 deployment opportunities(2024)

ii) Original and copies of the academic transcripts;

iii) Original and copy of SNE qualification (where applicable);

iv) Original and copy of the KCSE certificate (or its equivalent);

v) A copy of the current payslip;

vi) A declaration by the Head of Institution that the teacher is currently serving in the school and is neither serving an interdiction nor undergoing a disciplinary process.

The first batches of P1 teachers have already been deployed. The teachers’ documents were validated, and they received deployment (posting) letters to junior secondary.

The P1 instructors were sent to begin teaching Grade 7 students from the junior secondary school area.

TSC P1 deployment opportunities(2024)

However, the majority of the deployed instructors waited longer before beginning to enjoy their improved pay.

In a circular dated February 17, 2023, TSC stated that it had received a total of 10,833 requests from qualified primary school teachers for deployment to junior secondary schools.

To expedite payment for deployed teachers, TSC CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia issued explicit instructions to Sub County Directors and Primary Headteachers about releasing and receiving the teachers.

“As soon as the teachers are deployed to JSS, the County Directors will begin publishing on the publishing, Entry/Exit Reports Module to the Sub-County.

The Sub-County Director will assign the teachers to JSS,” Macharia stated in the circular.

She directed Heads of Institution (HOI) releasing instructors to quickly depart them by submitting depart Reports,

allowing the receiving Head of Institution to complete the Entry Report.

TSC P1 deployment opportunities(2024)

All of these processes, she stated, must be completed online via the Posting, Entry/Exit Reports Module, as the Commission no longer recognizes or processes hard copy casualties.

The Commission is under pressure to deploy additional instructors to junior secondary schools in order to alleviate the current severe teacher shortage.

The most deployed teachers are elementary school teachers in work category C1, followed by those in job group B5.

Salary for a deployed C2 teacher
Basic salary 34,955
House allowance (other areas) 7,500
Hardship 10,900
Commuter 5,000
Leave(paid only in January) 6,000

Those deployed (with degree certificates) will be assigned to job group C2, where they will serve for three years before being automatically transferred to work group C3.

Those B5 instructors with credentials will, however, begin at job group C1, where they will stay for three years before being automatically promoted to job group C2.

TSC P1 deployment opportunities(2024)

The Commission directed the Sub County Directors to guarantee that teachers are assigned to their present or nearby stations.

TSC stated that teachers having Special Needs Education (SNE) qualifications should be assigned to Special Junior Secondary Schools.

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