Gvt Declares Intentions To Recruit 20,000 Teachers Of Grade 9 For September.

Gvt Declares Intentions To Recruit 20,000 Teachers Of Grade 9 For September.

Gvt Declares Intentions To Recruit 20,000 Teachers Of Grade 9 For September

In 2025, the government plans to hire a minimum of 20,000 educators to assist in teaching Grade 9 students. Ezekiel Machogu, the cabinet secretary for education, made the news in Bungoma and added that students currently in Grade 8 would move up to Grade 9 in primary schools. He stated that all constituencies nationwide have already received a conditional grant of Sh3.4 billion from the government to build 6,000 classrooms before the end of the year.

The National Government-Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) and the federal government are partners in this effort.

The government will build an extra 9,000 classrooms with funding from the World Bank, bringing the total number of classrooms to be built by the end of the year to 15,015 thanks to this award.

Machogu stated, “There is nothing to worry about; we are in control of everything and everything is moving in the right direction.”

He stated that although the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) has already created the curriculum for students in Grade 9, the process of creating instructional materials is still ongoing.

“We anticipate that the educational materials will be finished and sent to the schools by July of this year. We have already finished designing the curricula, the CS revealed.

Machogu denied circulating rumors that the Grade 9 class would be transferred to a secondary school the next year.

Claims that the CS had given the Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) instructions to create the Kenya Primary Placement Examination (KEPPE), a Grade 8 test that would be used to assign students to Grade 9, were refuted.

November of this year was the planned launch date for the new exam, according to claims that have since been discredited.

The CS said in response that nothing has changed and that things will continue as they are.

Additionally, the fictitious circular stated that the State was attempting to move Grade 9 from elementary school to secondary school under the competency-based curriculum.

It was anticipated that the shift, which would see junior secondary school instructors relocated from primary schools to high schools to teach grades 9, 10, 11, and 12, would have an impact on them.

The significant teacher shortage that junior secondary schools are facing has been acknowledged by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

TSC Chief Executive Nancy Macharia disclosed that the schools need 99,045 teachers, not the 56,928 that are now employed, at the announcement of the KCSE results.

The number of missing instructors has risen to 42,117 with the inclusion of a Grade 8 class.

President William Ruto announced that the government will provide the TSC Sh19.7 billion so that it can hire more teachers during the Taxpayers Day celebrations in Mombasa.

Later, the money became available through the National Assembly’s authorized supplemental budget.

“We’ve added Sh20 billion to our TSC budget because we’re hiring more instructors. This year, we’re paying about 56,000 more instructors,” Ruto stated.

With the hiring of 35,790 new teachers over the course of the last year, the Kenya Kwanza administration has made impressive progress in addressing the teacher shortage.

Remarkably, 3,986 interns were hired by primary schools, while 1,000 of them were hired on permanent and pensionable conditions.

Additionally, a whopping 9,000 teachers were employed for junior secondary schools on permanent, pensionable conditions, while 21,365 more were sought out to work as junior school interns.

Compared to the previous administration, which employed about 5,000 teachers a year, this recruitment effort is different.

“This year, the government has employed 35,000 teachers, a number unprecedented in recent history,” stated President Ruto in July. We want to hire 25,000 more teachers by August so that every child in Kenya may receive a top-notch education.

TSC is now organizing the hiring of educators to work with the Grade 8 students who have reported to classes.

Gvt declares intentions to recruit 20,000 teachers of Grade 9 for September.

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